About the company

Tradition. Quality. Creativity. Playfulness. Joy.

We are a native Czech company creating toys and games for children.
Our priority is to provide parents and their children with high quality toys, help develop these children further and thus continue in the footsteps of a family tradition than has been going strong for three generations. Our aim is to provide children with the joy of playing, bring them new insights, develop their interests and manual skills, since we view our construction sets as apt tools for the development of children’s creativity, playfulness, spatial dexterity and construction skills.

In this digital day and age where tablets and mobile phones prevail, we strive to get kids to return to the traditional form of play with our toys.
And since Seva connects, we believe that the shared moments of play will strengthen bonds in your family, too!

We are pleased and proud that these kids’ construction sets have helped raise many generations of architects, designers, locksmiths and a many other artistic and technical professional.
All of the construction sets and games we make are constantly tested by the certified testing lab and fulfill the necessary health and safety requirements as stated by the EN71 regulation.

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SEVA team

Svatopluk Runčík

Director general

Jana Pfeiferová


Jan Stránský

Business and marketing

Petra Landovská

Sales representative for nursery schools

Šárka Cimbálníková


Jana Slavíková


We all give you joy.

Our story

The history of our toy creation reaches as far back as 1959, when most households in then Czechoslovakia were using coffee grinders, noodle cutters and bathroom scales made by Kovozávody Semily (a Czech firm). Apart from household appliances, Kovozávody Semily focused on toy development as well. Among the most notable were Aquaballs, commemorative TV sets and Monti Metal Systems. With other such legends – such as the Seva construction sets, Grafo art or the Monti System car model building kits – the creation and development never halted, and so, our children can enjoy them to this day, too.

Think you know it all?

The development of the magnetic game “Think you know it all?” began.

Magic board GRAFO

GRAFO, the magic board, introduced to the market.

Bee Olympic Mozaic

Creation of Bee Olympic Mosaic (Mosaic Maxi / 1) began.

Stavebnice SEVA

The SEVA construction set introduced to the market.

Monti System

First Monti System car models created.

Monti System ocenění

Monti System wins gold at the International Fair in Lipsko.

The production site and author’s rights for the VISTA company bought by BENEŠ a LÁT, s. r.o., a Czech family company.

VISTA brand logo changed.

Our toy division renamed SEVA, after the name of its legendary construction set.

Introduction of our new visual identity and selection of new products, including ‘Hugo builds’ and an update to the unique magnetic ‘Think you know it all?’ knowledge game.